Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Dog Days Of Summer Bring Out True Heat!

After reading the indictment order that was issued against Atlanta Falcons QB Michael (known through the rest of this post as)"Scumbagfuck" Vick, emotions ran through me and millions of other American's, emotions that can only make you shake your head and say "what the fuck is wrong with this idiot".

Scumbagfuck was an icon. A sports icon, a marketing icon and had the world in the palm of his hand, much like hundreds of other athletes, who's on the field success translates to hero worship in the "real" world. Are athletes held to a different standard unfairly? Of course. Are they sometimes thrust into the public eye for doing stupid things that a good majority of the country do as well? Of course. Well, crimes against humanity are the worst kind of unspeakable actions that a person or group of people can perform but what Scumbagfuck is "accused" of, is something else entirely. Crimes against the defenseless (children, handicapped, senior citizens & animals) are crimes in their lowest form. They are committed by cowards. People who can't face life as men (or woman) and take out their anger, fears or sadistic whims on beings that can't reason, react or put up a fight. These people rank alongside the worst murderers, rapists and war criminals.

There have been numerous blogs, articles and talkbacks written on this subject in the last couple of days and the great majority of people think that the crimes committed by Scumbagfuck and his jerkoff "business partners" are horrible and cowardice. And yet, there are others who say "ah, it's just dogs" or "this is America, you can do what you want" or worse yet trivialize this bullshit act with asinine quips and tasteless jokes to try and be a funnyman on the internet. Guess what, no one thinks you're funny. If anything, 99% of the people reading your stupid responses think you're fucking morons. Believe that. Most people don't respond to your comments because it's not worth getting into a war of words with someone who could run out of ammunition after two sentences. My only hope is that something horrible will happen to a family member of yours (wouldn't say a pet because I'm pretty sure that would be a responsibility you idiots wouldn't care to take on) so that some other asshole can make sadistically funny comments to make you feel like shit.

Part of the reason I have such strong feelings on this subject is because a) I've been a pet owner for the better part of my 36 years b) I had a grandparent who suffered nursing home abuse and c) I'm the father of a toddler. Imagining some scumbag taking liberites with a loved one is one of the worst things any person could have to deal with. Knowing that these types of horrible acts still go on in our country by EVERY race & gender is disheartening. We are supposed to be the world leader in human rights (we're fighting the most useless war in the last 30 years for these same rights) and animal rights and we like to be looked upon as the most civilized country on the planet. There are so many times I sit back and say "boy, no wonder so many people hate us". It sucks.

Another reason this issue strikes a cord with me, is because there are another group of people who think that "hey, he is a great player, so let's give him so leeway". Although that statement is dumbed down that's the gist of these idiots argument. No, he should get no leeway. None of these big money primma-donnas should get off because of their star-status. None of them. Not Scumbagfuck, not OJ, not Pacman Jones, not Mark Chimera, not Ray Lewis, (I can't say Chris Benoit cause he took himself out) and the countless other athletes who commit crimes in this country.
I've worked in the legal field for the better part of 10 years. I've learned, through day to day dealings with the honest and forthright and the underhanded and deceiving, that most people think they deserve entitlement. Entitlement to free monies (that the rest of us taxpayers shell out from our weekly or bi-weekly checks), entitlement to scot-free judgements, entitlement to just about anything that doesn't make them take responsibility for their mistakes, lies and deceiving actions. Scumbagfuck is in this group of people. Why? Because he willing participated in ILLEGAL activities that brought about Federal charges and he would have happily collected money from the Atlanta Falcons, Nike and every other endorsement he shills and the dollars that he takes from each and every fan that pulls out their credit card or their cash to support his team, his shoes, his jersey sales, etc. He would have happily accepted the revenue checks and salary his football talent allowed him. And that's the problem. If he had not been investigated and found out, he would have happily moved on like a pig in shit, with no justice being taken for his actions, and he had qualms about it. How do I know this? It was only a month ago that he told the new NFL commissioner "I have nothing to do with these charges" while flashing that million dollar smile and taking the commish to be just another "dumb" figurehead who would be tricked by his "magical" maneuvering. Now, 30 days later you're federally indicted with insurmountable evidence stacked against you?
You're a liar to the core and a coward to the highest degree. The only justice for you is not jail time, that's too easy. Not an NFL ban, you already have plenty of money and the CFL would take your sorry ass in a heartbeat. No, the only justice is to put you in a locked cage with 8 blood-thirsty pit bulls (of your choosing, of course) and give you 5 minutes rounds. If you can't get out of the locked cage after 5 minutes, electrocute you. 5 more minutes. Can't get out, let's have you beat with a baseball bat for a few minutes. 5 more minutes, can't get out, let's hang you. All that fancy footwork shouldn't make it so hard should it? Outrunning 8 ferocious pits in a 10ft by 10ft cage should be easy for a master escape artist like yourself, shouldn't it? You outrun lineman and linebackers with the greatest of ease so some stupid dogs should be easy to outmanuever, right?
Once the bloodshed is over and you lay there gasping for your last few breaths on your own blood, with intense pain burning every inch of your body, crying and afraid to die, maybe then you would realize just how those dogs felt homeboy. Now that would be a fitting end to this horror story, wouldn't it, son? Or maybe all your boys would cry for you, because their mealticket would be on the way out. Or maybe, just maybe, they would move on knowing they could find another mealticket they could attach their gravy train to, who could perform better and make more money for them, another 1000 watt smile asshole who can bamboozle with the best of them. Kind of like those dogs you easily discarded as weak and not up to par. Not loved, not cared for, just used, like an animal. That would suck wouldn't it, Scumbagfuck?

God Bless America.


TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!


ASPOV said...

Wow! Intense feelings about this one, hey Eboy? The thing is, I'm with you on this. It is so disgusting that these cats think they're above the law. And now that they have a few duckets in the bank, they can live out their sadistic perversions to the max. I feel so sorry for all those animals, both dead and alive, that are subjected to the torture I've read about. And pits are really sweet, loyal, fun-loving dogs if raised by caring humans. I, too, am a pet owner. But it doesn't take an animal lover to see that this sport is just cruel. It's a shame.

CoCo said...

Damn White Hot, my ears are burning! LOL I used to get mad and disgusted about the rich and famous getting preferential treatment, but I realized a long time ago that this is the world we live in so it doesn't bother me anymore. I totally expect it. We have a great justice system if you have money.

Nothin_personal said...

Man, you are sick. In the worst possible meaning of the word. Stop watching SAW, and never, ever say that a human life and a dogs life are equal. The scambugfuck is an idiot and a psycho, but jail is just ok. Nobody should be killed, not even Bloodthirsty Dictators, put them in Jail, and have them there as examples of the lowest level the human race can descent. Haven't read any post of yours for the Abu Grahbi prisoners, that your "great" nation supposedly fought to free, from their petrol, that is. I don't say you are not right to hate that scambugfuck, but, please, have perspective on this subject.